[ANALYSIS] The KKK is not petitioning for a “purge” on Change.org

Circulating social media at the moment is a fake report about the white supremacist, hate group, the Ku Klux Klan. The post uses pictures from the Twitter account “TMZ Breaking News” to report that the KKK is petitioning for a purge of African Americans using the Change.org platform.

Put simply, the news of the petition is false. Change.org has no current or past petition wanting a purge of African Americans in the United States. The cause or source of this false petition is currently unknown, however, it has quickly spread over Twitter and Facebook and is causing alarm and confusion among readers.

The first sign of the fake story should be apparent to any frequent twitter user. The TMZ account it comes from is under the Twitter handle “@Tmz_news___” which, aside from looking fake, is not verified by Twitter as being TMZ’s official breaking news account.

Similarly, the bio message states that the account “is in no way affiliated with real Tmz website or Twitter.”

Looking closely as well, it seems that this post was published to Twitter on July 23, 2014. Yet, somehow the post has resurfaced nearly three years later.


It is important now,  more than ever, for people to be vigilant when they read what comes across their dashboards on social media, especially because of things like this. The Know Your News Project is designed to help with bringing back media literacy and research to readers, to help you really understand the issues that matter to you.

There are no petitions from the KKK calling for a purge of African Americans or anyone else in America. Period.

That said, there are a number of KKK-related petitions, like the ones below, that could use your signature like:

This petition that is seemingly still running, that calls for the KKK to be declared a terrorist group.

Or this petition (one of many like it) calling for A&E to cancel their show “Generation KKK”.

These petitions are about a year old, but their defining feature is that they are real petitions on Change.org.


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